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Enrollment in Missouri Public Schools: Finding Your Child’s School

If you’re new to Missouri public schools, or if you’re enrolling your child here for the first time, this series of blog posts is for you. MOParent will help you understand what the enrollment process is like for your child, and we’ll point you in the right direction for additional resources.

Finding Your Child’s School
If you live in a smaller Missouri community, you probably already know which school your child will. But if you live in a larger Missouri city you might need help finding your child’s school.

The Missouri School Directory Online allows you to search for Missouri schools by district, county, or legislative district. For example, if you live in Springfield, Missouri, you can see a list of all Springfield R-XII schools and their contact information, as well as the contact information for the district.

Many school districts also publish maps showing geographic boundaries for each of its schools. This example from the Columbia Public School District shows the locations of all 36 schools in the district, and helps families understand which schools are closest to their homes.

If you’re unsure which school your child should be enrolled in, MOParent encourages you to contact your local school district for more information. Missouri public schools are here to ensure that your child receives access to a free public school education, and the first step is making sure that you know which school your child will attend.

Once You’ve Identified Your Child’s School
Come back tomorrow to learn more about the enrollment process, including what paperwork you’ll need to gather before enrollment.

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