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Enrollment in Missouri Public Schools: Documentation

Yesterday on the MOParent Blog, we talked about finding your child’s Missouri public school. Today we’ll talk about documentation and other paperwork you might need to fill out or provide to complete as part of the public school enrollment process.

Missouri public schools will require a few pieces of important paperwork from you. This paperwork will fall into a few categories, including identity, medical, academic, and behavioral records.

To enroll your child in Missouri public schools, you’ll need to verify your child’s age and identity, as well as your residence inside the district. Examples of documentation you might need for this process include your child’s birth certificate or passport, a utility bill in your name that shows your current address inside the school district, or a notarized letter from the owner of the residence with whom your family is living inside the school district.

Each district may have slight variations on acceptable documentation, so be sure to contact your child’s school to confirm exactly what they’ll need from you.

Medical Records
Public schools will require a health summary of some sort, including your child’s immunization records

Some schools will require basic eyesight and hearing tests to be performed. Your child’s school will also want to be able to provide the best possible learning environment for your child, so any relevant medical or developmental disabilities should be shared during enrollment.

Come Back Tomorrow For…
Tomorrow on the MOParent Blog, we’ll explain the academic and behavioral records your child’s school will need to enroll in school.

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