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What Your Students Can Do in the Summer

All public schools in Missouri take a summer break. The history of ‘schools out for summer’ is an interesting one and you can learn more about it here

While out of the classroom, there are still plenty of learning opportunities available to prevent the ‘summer slide.’ Here are a few large and small occasions for your student:

Plan a college visit
Days off in summer are a perfect time for families to take their teens, and even middle school students, to a college campus to give their higher education dreams and goals a dose of reality.

Give back to their community
There are never a shortage of volunteer opportunities in any area of Missouri. From working with local non-profits to pitching in with their own schools, a volunteer position may be something that helps to impact the life of a student for decades to come.

A summer job
If it’s working in an office, an amusement park, or a farm, summer is a perfect time for older students to learn personal financial skills and to develop personal traits when dealing with the public and co-workers. A summer job will also give them new perspectives on what it takes to ‘bring home the bacon’ for their parents. These jobs will also help them to build their resumes for college and future employment applications. Check out resources like LinkedIn for opportunities for high school students.

Keep on reading
One of the most important actions a student can take to keep their learned skills sharp is to read. In fact, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has begun a program called ‘Read MOre, Missouri’ to encourage summer reading. Experts says that reading just six books during the break can prevent regression and students from having to catch up once the fall semester begins.

Whatever you and your students do this summer, have fun, be safe, and take time for learning opportunities.

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