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What Does a Common Core Classroom Lesson Look Like?

In October 2013, NBC’s Education Nation and The Teaching Channel presented three Common Core workshops as a follow-up to its NBC News Education Nation Summit.

3 Common Core Workshops from The Teaching Channel:

Grades K-5 English Language Arts (ELA), Literacy & Mathematics
Grades 6-12 ELA & Literacy
Grades 6-12 Mathematics

During the Common Core Teacher Institute, model teachers from across the country gave demonstrations of lessons in each of these areas. All of the workshops are available as videos on NBC’s Education Nation website, and Common Core Instructional Practice Guides are downloadable for each lesson as well.

If you’re a parent who isn’t sure what Common Core lessons might be like for your child in the classroom, the links below will give you a better idea.

If you’re a teacher, the lessons below (debrief videos and instructional guides are also available online) might help inspire your 2014 Common Core lessons.

K-5 ELA, Literacy & Mathematics Lessons
When Charlie McButton Lost Power: A Read-Aloud Lesson
(ELA & Literacy, Grade 2)
Presented by Catherine Schmidt, Striving Readers Elementary Training Coordinator for Washoe County School District, Reno, NV

Understanding, Modeling, and Creating Equivalent Fractions
(Mathematics, Grade 4)
Presented by Kisha Davis-Caldwell, Elementary Mathematics Coach in Howard County, MD and National Board Certified Teacher in Early Adolescent Mathematics

The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Close Reading of a Non-Fiction Text
(ELA & Literacy, Grade 5)
Presented by Sayuri Stabrowski, Director of Instruction and 8th Grade Reading Teacher at KIPP Infinity Middle School in Harlem

Grades 6-12 ELA & Literacy Lessons
Meeting our Monsters: A Lesson in Text Synthesis
(ELA & Literacy, Grades 6-12)
Presented by Sarah Brown Wessling, teacher at Johnston High School in Johnston, IA, National Board Certified Teacher, and 2010 National Teacher of the Year. Wessling is also a Teacher Laureate on The Teaching Channel and is host of the PBS show Teaching Channel Presents.

How are Mitochondria Connected to the Aging Process?: A Text-Based Lesson in Science
(Literacy in Science, Grades 11-12)
Presented by Veeko Lucas, teacher at Iroquis High School in Jefferson County Public Schools, KY.

"The Significance of the Frontier in American History": A Text-Based Lesson in History
(Literacy in History, Grade 10)
Presented by Kathy Thiebes, member of the Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) design team and teacher at Centennial High School in Gresham, OR.

Grades 6-12 Mathematics Lessons
Recognizing Linear Functions
(Mathematics, Grade 8)
Presented by William McKinney, teacher at Wilbur Cross High School in New Haven, CT.

Ferris Wheel: Trigonometric Functions
(Mathematics, High School)
Presented by Tiffany Utoft, Integration Project Manager for the Thompson School District in Northern Colorado.

Proportional Relationships
(Mathematics, Grade 7)
Presented by Joseph Almeida, math teacher at KIPP STAR College Prep Charter School in New York City and Teach for America National Teacher of the Year.

For these resources and more, visit The Teaching Channel’s website.

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