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What are Subgroups, and How Does Missouri Measure Their Achievement?

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education calculates an Annual Performance Report score (APR) for every school and every district in the state.

The Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP) is the framework for the State’s APRs, and the resulting APR scores are used — along with other information — to determine each district’s accreditation status.

Not sure what MSIP is? Read this short post.

Under MSIP, there are five distinctive Performance Standards; Academic Achievement, Subgroup Achievement, High School Readiness (K-8) (or College and Career Readiness for K-12 schools), Attendance Rate, and Graduation Rate.

Each of these five Performance Standards earns a Status Score, a Progress Score, and a Growth Score. Those scores are included in each school’s APR scoring matrix. We’ll talk more about Status, Progress, and Growth Scores in a future post.

Today, though, we’ll talk about Performance Standard #2: Subgroup Achievement.

Why Subgroups?
To ensure inclusion and to differentiate between the needs of schools, Missouri issues and reports the academic achievement of those students who fall into a “subgroup” that has historically performed below state standards.

According to the Department of Education, “A review of Missouri data identifies five significant gaps in subgroup performance (African American, Hispanic, low income students, students with disabilities and English language learners).” (source)

Measuring Subgroup Achievement
The achievement of all Missouri students, including those who fall into subgroups, is assessed through the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) using MAP, grade-level (GLA), end-of-course (EOC), and MAP-alternate (MAP-A) assessments.

A minimum of 95% of students must be assessed, and student performance must meet or exceed state standards or demonstrate the required improvement over time. For accountability (such as district accreditation) a super subgroup system ensures that students are only counted once, even if they fall into more than one of the state’s five subgroups.

A weighted scoring system is used to ensure that subgroup achievement is sensibly and fairly evaluated and interpreted against non-subgroup achievement.

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