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What are Performance Indicator Flags?

MSIP5 is Missouri’s way of holding schools and districts accountable for working together to reach a top ten national rating in public education by the year 2020.

MSIP5 is also the framework that the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education uses to calculate Annual Performance Report (APR) scores for each school and district in the state.

Throughout the MSIP5 accountability system, a school or district that is meeting basic criteria overall may stand out as needing extra support in a specific improvement area. Likewise, a school or district that is average in most areas may stand out for its outstanding performance in another area. This is where Performance Indicator Flags come into play.

The benchmark used by the state is that if a school or district falls below the 10th percentile or above the 90th percentile for a given subgroup on a given indicator, the school or district and the area of need are assigned performance indicator flag.

According to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), “Performance indicator flags identified through the accountability system are utilized to further distinguish among those schools and LEAs most in need of support, to identify areas in need of improvement, and to guide the school improvement planning.”

Ultimately, performance indicator flags are used to identify specific, systemic issues affecting schools or highlighting district-wide policies that contribute to poor or exemplary student performance. This process is just one more way that DESE is working to hold every K-12 public school in the state of Missouri accountable for providing quality education to students.

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