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What are Missouri State Schools?


What are state schools, and how are they different from local public schools? That’s what we’ll talk about today on the Missouri Parent Blog.

The public schools that most of us are most familiar with are traditional public schools administered at the local level through a local education authority, or LEA. LEAs are more commonly simply called school districts.

State schools, on the other hand, serve children with severe disabilities. Mid-Missouri’s Public Radio station, KBIA explains:

“In Missouri, the state schools aren’t integrated into local public school systems. They are separate, regional schools that serve only students with severe mental and physical disabilities.”

These schools are administered by the State of Missouri through the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Division of Learning Services’ Office of Special Education.

According to DESE, there are three State Board of Education Operated Programs: School for the Deaf, School for the Blind, and the Missouri Schools for the Severely Disabled. Each of these is considered to be a state school system. (Source)

Who Administers Missouri State Schools?

A. Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)
B. Division of Learning Services
C. Office of Special Education
c. Missouri State Schools
School for the Deaf
School for the Blind
the Missouri Schools for the Severely Disabled

Funding for state schools comes from federal and state moneys. In some cases, local districts are also required to contribute toward the cost of a child’s education who attends a state school but is a resident of the local district.

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