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Veto Session Begins Tomorrow: Contact Your Legislator Today!

Tomorrow, September 10, 2014, legislators will meet in Jefferson City for a very important veto session. If you’re concerned about our state’s school funding, please contact your representative today, encouraging him or her not to override the Governor’s vetoes of the Friday Favor bills*.

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#FridayFavors Cost Millions TWEET THIS
If the Governor’s vetoes are overridden, #FridayFavors will cost the state an estimated $425 million in tax revenues, with another hit of more than $300 million to local tax revenues statewide. If Missouri loses those tax revenues, our students lose, too.

Lost Taxes Mean Students Lose, Too TWEET THIS
If the Governor’s vetoes of the Friday Favors are overridden, the Missouri General Revenue will be shorted by approximately $425 million. 45% of the General Revenue goes directly to K-12 education (35%) and higher education (10%) in the state. That’s a cut of $119 million from Missouri’s students.

The #FridayFavors Impact Individual Students TWEET THIS
The Governor’s office estimates that the Friday Favors will have an impact of $105 per student across the state when the Missouri Foundation Formula is already underfunded by $500 per student. Additional funding cuts will force our schools to cut more positions, further limit their technology budgets, and make other cuts to student education.

If education is important to you and your family, please contact your representative immediately to encourage him or her to support Governor Nixon’s #FridayFavors vetoes.

*On the final Friday of the 2014 legislative session, the Missouri General Assembly pushed through a collection of tax break bills that will benefit big businesses while pulling money away from Missouri public schools. These bills, which Governor Jay Nixon calls “Friday Favors”, will have a big impact on Missouri’s K-12 and higher education students.


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