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Using TedEd to Create Video-Based Classroom Lessons

What if we told you that, as a parent at home anytime or classroom teacher, you could turn any video on YouTube into an interactive classroom lesson in a matter of minutes using an established, reputable, and free website?

If your ears perked up at the idea of video-based lessons, and if you’re familiar with Ted Talks, then this post is for you. Keep reading!

TedEd, a division of Ted Talks, allows users to turn any YouTube video into an interactive TedEd lesson that you can share with your students, your peers, and the larger TedEd community.

In short, you can easily capture your students’ attention with tools you already know they enjoy; video and the Internet.

An Example Lesson
This animated lesson, called “Sugar Affects the Brain”, was created by educator Nicole Avena. The 5:03-long video teaches students how sugar releases dopamine in the brain, causing people who eat sugar-rich foods to continue to crave them. More than 250 teachers have flipped Avena’s video into customized, interactive classroom lessons for their own students.

Flipping Avena’s video isn’t stealing her intellectual property. In fact, Avena gets a sort of digital pat on the back each time her video is flipped; TedEd counts flips and lesson views, and it always gives credit to the video’s creator(s).

TedEd + YouTube = Limitless Possibilities
There are more than 330 TedEd Original videos, 162 Ted Talks, and more than 52,000 total TedEd Flips on TedEd’s site.

Teachers can also use TedEd to flip any of YouTube’s billions (yes, billions) of videos into shareable TedEd lessons. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Teachers can use TedEd To:
· Share original lessons OR flip other teacher’s video lessons
· Creative interactive video-based quizzes ("Think")
· Direct students to additional readings or resources (“Dig Deeper”)
· Initiate and moderate discussions about the video lesson (“Discuss”)
· Track student participation and/or quiz scores, making grading easy

More on Grading
TedEd allows you to create classroom rosters, to track quiz grades, and to monitor student participation.

Ted Ed is designed with high school and college students in mind, so it’s probably not the best fit for elementary or middle school teachers.

Have you used TedEd to create video lessons for your Missouri students? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment letting us know how you and your students liked using TedEd.

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