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Two Reasons to Choose Missouri Public Schools

In today’s blog post, MOParent will address several reasons why Missouri parents should think twice about choosing private schools over public ones.

Teacher Education
The same study found that 45% of public school teachers hold master’s degrees while just 38% of nonsectarian teachers had earned master’s degrees.

If the experience and education of your child’s teachers is important to you, be sure to talk with your local school district as well as with the private school in consideration before assuming that local private schools offer better teachers. The results my surprise you.

There’s no doubt that today’s school-aged children need to build productive working relationships with colleagues of a variety of backgrounds when they enter the work force later in life. Public schools may prepare your child for professional diversity more effectively than private schools do.

Only 10% of American students attend private schools, and the majority of those attend schools with religious affiliations. When only a small portion of the population is represented in your child’s school, and that population is further segregated based on religious preference, tuition costs and geography, your child’s classmates are likely to be less diverse and more alike.

Missouri public schools, however, educate children of all socio-economic statuses, all ethnicities, all languages, and all religions. By attending Missouri public schools, your child is educated in an environment that’s as diverse as your local community is. If preparing your child for the diversity of college and career is important to you, Missouri’s public schools are a fantastic option for him or her.

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