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Tips and Tricks to Help Kids of Every Learning Style Part 2

Over the last several days, we’ve explored learning styles, and how you can help your child succeed in school leveraging his or her unique learning style. Today, we’ll wrap up this series with tips and tricks for verbal, physical, and logical learners.

Verbal Learners
· Verbal learners may find note-taking to be distracting. Don’t assume that if your verbal learner takes few (or no) notes in class, that he or she isn’t paying attention.
· Reading and writing will help your child to retain information.
· Encourage your child to read information and then repeat what he or she learned back to you verbally.
· Word games and reading supplementary materials are both great tools for the verbal learner.

Physical (or Kinesthetic) Learners
· Whenever possible, make learning hands-on for your physical learner.
· Help your child visualize the way it may have felt to be in a particular situation (in a battlefield during the Civil War, for instance) when studying history or reading stories.
· Flashcards are helpful for physical learners because they can be touched and felt.
· Understand that your physical learner may learn better while standing or even pacing, rather than while sitting still at a desk or table. He or she may also need more frequent short breaks than children who aren’t physical learners.

Logical (or Analytical) Learners
· Create a structured learning environment for your logical learner: Reduce distractions by studying in the same place and at the same time each evening, and keep supplies handy and organized.
· Focus on one task at a time. Changing between subjects or stopping mid-stream for an unrelated task (to complete a chore or eat dinner with your family) may be frustrating or distracting for logical learners.
· Help your child understand why things happen or why information is meaningful. Don’t expect him or her to learn by rote.

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