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Tips and Tricks to Help Kids of Every Learning Style Part 1

Understanding your child’s learning style — and helping him or her to develop style-appropriate study skills — is key to success this school year and beyond.

Yesterday, we talked about five different learning styles. Today, we’ll explore tips and tricks for students who learn visually and aurally. We’ll share similar tips and tricks for the remaining learning styles tomorrow.

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Visual Learners
· Use colored papers, markers, pencils, or pens to create flashcards or other study materials. Visual learners associate color, shape, and layout with information, making it easier for them to recall later.
· Maps and diagrams help visual learners understand and remember information.
· Visual learners will remember information better if they write it themselves (for example, on their own flashcards) than if a teacher or parent writes the information down for them.
· Sometimes visual learners may struggle to remember verbal information. Teach your child that it’s okay to ask teachers or others to repeat verbal information.

Aural Learners
· When aural learners need to memorize information, it can be helpful to put that information into a rhythm, or even to sing the information to the melody of a well-known song.
· Use rhymes or rhyming games to help your child learn and recall new information.
· Read your child’s homework aloud to them. Your aural learner will remember more or of what he or she hears than what he or she reads.
· Encourage your aural learner to verbalize things out loud as he or she studies at home. While this may be a distraction to other students in a classroom setting, that’s not the case when studying at home.

Come back to the MOParent Blog tomorrow for tips and tricks designed especially for parents of verbal, physical, and logical learners.

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