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The Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act Isn’t a Game. Or Is It?


U.S. Congress has been trying to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) all year, but it still hasn’t passed. It turns out that the ESEA isn’t the only bill to get hung up in federal congressional debate; only 1% of bills that go through U.S. Congress pass.

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The Reauthorization of the ESEA shouldn’t be a political game, but it sometimes seems as though Congress treats it like one. To draw attention to the ESEA, and to help advocate for its reauthorization, published an online game called, “Can You Beat The Legislative Odds and Get Your Bill Passed?”

The game uses multiple choice questions to guide you through a sort of “choose your own adventure” storyline. The goal: to have your bill passed by Congress and signed off on by the President. The catch: you have to be politically savvy to push the bill from a big idea to a real-life law. You can try your hand at the political gamut here


According to Education Week and the Sunlight Foundation, members of Congress introduced 5,584 bills in 2013, and only 15 Senate bills and 41 House bills were passed into law.

Read more about the federal legislative process, and about why education bills can take so long to make their way through Congress and to the President’s desk in this story on the Education Week Blog.

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