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The Missouri School for the Blind


Missouri School for the Blind is a state-run residential school in St. Louis where legally blind students from birth to 21 years old have received a free, quality, public education since 1851.

The mission of MSB is to provide individualized instruction, resources, and educational services ensuring that students with visual impairments achieve the academic, social, employment, and life skills empowering them to enjoy full productive lives.

MSB achieves its mission through two primary programs areas. First, MSB has a residential K-12 school in St. Louis. Second, it offers outreach services throughout the state. MSB is a statewide resource for families and educators on blindness and/or deafblindness. (Source)

MSB’s residential program provides students with an array of athletics and clubs, and the school is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Schools for the Blind (NCASB).

Its outreach services support families, provide parent education, and publish listings of vision education and mobility service providers. Outreach also includes a media library and professional development opportunities.

About Missouri State Schools

MSB is one of three school systems in Missouri that is administered by the State Board of Education, rafter than by a local school district. Students attend MSB at no cost to their families or their local school districts.

The other two systems are the Missouri School for the Deaf and the Missouri Schools for the Severely Disabled.

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