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The Missouri Lottery Funds Missouri Public Schools

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The Missouri Lottery supports Missouri public education by contributing nearly 25% of its ticket sales proceeds to public education annually. Contributions have risen steadily over the last decade, leading to a record-high contribution in fiscal year 2013.

During fiscal year 2013, which closed in June, the Missouri Lottery contributed the largest amount of proceeds to public education since the passage of Amendment 11 in 1992*. Fiscal year 2013 contributions reached nearly $289 million —$9 million more than fiscal year 2012 contributions, which had held the state Lottery’s record contributions ($280 million) until this year.

According to an interview by The Associated Press in June 2013, the Lottery’s executive director credits a new advertising campaign and changes to Missouri Powerball for the Lottery’s increased contributions to public education.

Breakdown By Dollar

About 24.8 cents per dollar spent on Missouri Lottery tickets benefits Missouri public education. Overall those proceeds account for about four percent of all of Missouri’s public elementary, secondary and higher education funding.

Remaining Missouri Lottery ticket sales revenues are spent on prizes (64.8 cents), administration (4.2 cents) and commissions, incentives and bonuses to retailers (6.2 cents).

The History and Future of the Lottery’s Contributions

Since that 1986, the Lottery has contributed more than $4.3 billion to the state of Missouri and to public education in Missouri.

For a detailed list of fiscal year 2013 appropriations, please see this FY13 Missouri Lottery Proceeds Appropriations PDF, published by the Missouri Lottery.

*The Missouri Lottery began in 1986. From 1986 to 1992, proceeds from Lottery ticket sales went into the Missouri State General Revenue Fund. Amendment 11, passed in 1992, earmarked proceeds to be contributed directly to Missouri public schools. The Missouri Legislature determines how those proceeds will be allocated.

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