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Missouri Education Advocates: The Missouri K-8 Schools Association (MOK8)


Name: The Missouri K-8 School Association (MOK8)

About: The Missouri K-8 Association is a membership organization that represents all K-8 schools in Missouri. It exists to preserve the integrity of K-8 districts by sharing common resources, improving efficiency and expanding opportunities through collaborative efforts. (Source)

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Co-Presidents: Darryl Pannier and Carless Osburn


Legislation & Advocacy: MOK8 is concerned about school transfers and unaccredited school districts, and believes in high standards for funding technology and modern tools that support education and curriculum. MOK8 is committed to full funding of the Foundation Formula.

Read MOK8’s full Legislative Platform here.

This post is part of a running series called “Missouri Education Advocates,” which is designed to highlight the professional education organizations in Missouri that work on public education legislation and advocacy. These short and sweet features highlight basic information about some of Missouri’s leading education organizations.

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