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The Missouri House Interim Committee on Education October Hearings

Missouri Parent invites you to attend, learn more about the legislative process regarding education in Missouri and have your voice heard as the Missouri House of Representatives Interim Committee on Education holds a round of hearings in October in Hannibal, Maryville, Kansas City, Warrensburg, and Columbia.

This is the second part of the committee’s work schedule as they met previously in locations across the state in September.

As this an interim committee, there are not specific pieces of current legislation being discussed but issues from the past, present and future regarding education, specifically K-12 public education, are on the table for discussion.

The Missouri Parent program is concerned with the following priority policy issues:

School Transfers: Any solution for schools with accreditation issues must help all of the students of that school. We must ask if it is better to bus some students to new schools while leaving behind other at-risk students? Transfers also drive up the transportation and operations costs of the unaccredited school leaving them less resources as they work to fix their issues.

Teacher Tenure: Perhaps one of the biggest misperceptions about teacher tenure in Missouri is that tenured teachers are protected from involuntary dismissal. Yet this continues to be a returning point of discussion for the Legislature and may possibly end up on the election ballot soon. You can learn more about this and other tenure myths here.

Funding the Foundation Formula: As we have discussed on our blog before only 31.76% of school funding in Missouri comes from the state. Missouri underfunded the formula by $621 million in fiscal year 2013 and only expects to fund public education with an additional $66 million in fiscal year 2014. To truly provide a world class education, the legislature should fully fund the foundation formula as promised so full focus can be returned to the classrooms across our state instead of the weakening balance sheets of many of our schools. 

The above policy issues are sure to be discussed at the committee hearings. Additional policy issues which may be discussed include:
· Establishing an A-F grading system for our public schools. Missouri Parent is against this.
· Increasing Early Childhood Education opportunities across the state. Missouri Parent supports this.
· Expansion of School Choice options through vouchers. Missouri Parent is against this.
· Implementation of the Common Core program. Missouri Parent is for this.
· Increasing Economic Development activities in Missouri. Missouri Parent is for this.

We invite you to attend one or more of the interim hearings across the state. We also invite you to contact us at any time to discuss these hearings, these issues, or how you might get more involved in the Missouri Parent program.

The Hearing Schedule

· Date: Monday, October 21, 2013
Time: 3:30 PM

Location: Parker Theater Lobby in the Roland Fine Arts Center on the campus of Hannibal-LaGrange College, 2800 Palmyra Road, Hannibal, MO

· Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Time: 1:00 PM
Location: Student Union Board Room, Maryville University, 800 University Drive, Maryville, Missouri

· Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Atterbury Student Success Center Pierson Auditorium Room 245 UMKC 5000 Homes, Kansas City, MO

· Date: Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Time: 1:00 PM
Location: Elliott Union Room 237 A & B University of Central Missouri 511 South Holden Warrensburg, Missouri

· Date: Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Reynolds Alumni Center University of Missouri Columbia, Missouri

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