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Missouri Education Advocates: The Missouri Association of Rural Education


Name: The Missouri Association of Rural Education (MARE)

About: MARE recognizes the needs and concerns unique to rural education. It provides a forum for discussion and resolution of those needs and concerns, and presents a voice for rural education in Missouri.

MARE is made up of teachers, administrators, community members, state education leaders, college and university educators, and more. The organization advocates for rural education, seeking equal and quality education for all rural children in the state.

MARE offers a number of services including board consulting, building administrator searches, and governmental support. MARE is part of the National Rural Education Association and has been active in Missouri for nearly 30 years.

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Statement of Purpose: MARE is a service organization whose purpose is to serve the member schools in such a way that:
· The students of rural Missouri will have an equal opportunity to receive excellent education.
· The students of rural Missouri will be able to compete academically with students through the world.
· The citizens of Missouri will be proud of the educational programs in rural Missouri schools. (Source)

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Number of Employees: 3

Executive Director: Dr. Ray V. Patrick


Social Media Sites:
National Rural Education Association on Facebook
National Rural Education Association on Twitter
National Rural Education Association on YouTube

Legislation & Advocacy:
MARE Website’s Advocacy Page
School Administrators Coalition (SAC) Legislative Updates

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