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The Cost of Private Education for Missouri Families

Previously on the MOParent Blog, we talked about how teacher qualifications and student diversity may both be stronger in Missouri’s public schools than its private ones. Today, we’ll talk about the cost of private school education.

The Cost of Private School Education
On average, private elementary school tuition is $6,733 per year and private secondary school tuition is $10,549. 

At the national average, then, private school education from the 1st through the 12th grades costs $96,060 per child. The average cost of a full-time, in-state, four-year undergraduate degree from Missouri’s public universities (counting tuition and fees) is less than $30,000. That means that the average family could send three children to Missouri four-year universities for less than the cost of sending a single child through 12 years of private schools.

In a state where the unemployment rate hovers at around 6.8% (May 2013) and the median income is still $5,000 per year lower than the national average, most Missouri families cannot afford private education for their children.

The Cost of Public Education
As a taxpayer in the state of Missouri, you have already invested in your child’s public school education. Your child is entitled to a free, fair education from kindergarten through high school graduation at no out-of-pocket fee to you.

The vast majority of Missouri families are educationally price-sensitive. By attending public schools, you can invest extra income into extracurricular activities, specialty camps, private lessons and tutors for your child. And the money you save as the parent of a Missouri public school student is money that you can invest in helping your child go to college.

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