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Teachers Are Miracle Workers

There are some extraordinary teachers in the world, and Taylor Mali was one of them. A leader of the poetry slam movement, Mali spent nearly a decade in the classroom, and is now an advocate for teachers and teaching.

In June, 2000, Mali left the classroom looking for another way to teach. His goal? To inspire 1,000 people to become teachers “through poetry, persuasion, perseverance, and passion”. He called this The New Teacher Project.

In 2012, Mali reached his goal. You can see the list of 1,000 men and women Mali inspired to teach here.

Mali is also an author. He’s published three books: What Teachers Make (Putnam 2012), The Last Time As We Are (Write Bloody Books 2009), and What Learning Leaves (Hanover 2002).

In this short, funny video, Mali says, “I’m not your father, I’m not your mother, I’m not your jailer, I’m not your torturer. I’m not even your biggest fan in the whole wide world, even though sometimes I act like all of these things.

I know you can do these things that I make you do, that’s why I do them. I’m a teacher, and that’s what we do; we’re miracle workers.”

What do you think? Have you seen teachers work miracles in your child’s life, in your child’s school, or in your community? Leave a comment or give a shout-out to a teacher (or teachers) you think are miracle workers.

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