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Teacherpreneurs: What’s the Buzz About?

In August 2013, a new book called Teacherpreneurs: Innovative Teachers Who Lead But Don’t Leave became available for purchase.

The book, written by Barnett Berry, Ann Byrd, & Alan Wieder and published by Jossey-Bass, explores the career tracks of eight American teachers who are also classroom experts; educators who both teach in the classroom and influence education on a larger scale.

“Teacherpreneurs” are defined as, “classroom experts who teach students for part of each day or week and spread sound practices and innovative ideas beyond their schools, districts, and states”. (Source:

National Board Certified Teacher Dan Brown highlights teacherpreneurs in this TedX talk:

What do you think about teacherpreneurship? Does it makes sense for excellent educators to spend part of their school day or school week outside the classroom, spreading best practices and playing an active role in educational policy-making?

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The book’s authors are employees of the Center for Teaching Quality (CTQ), a North Carolina organization devoted “To connect, ready, and mobilize teacher leaders to transform our schools.”

Author Barnett Berry is founder and CEO of CTQ, Ann Byrd is the chief operating officer and a partner at CTQ, and Alan Wieder works as a senior research consultant with CTQ.

Each of the eight classroom experts featured in the book are also members of the CTQ Collaboratory; “an incubator for teachers’ bold ideas and innovative solutions”.

Find more information about teacherpreneurs on CTQ’s website.



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