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Protecting Your Kids Against Eye Strain

Eye strain can occur after too much time on a computer, tablet, video games, or too much time watching TV.

Don’t think you or your child could suffer from eye strain? According to the Vision Council, neither does 70% of the rest of the population, but it takes as little as two hours a day of looking at a screen to strain your eyes.

Tips for Preventing Eye Strain:
· Turn down the brightness on your child’s monitor(s)
· Keep the screen clean
· Be conscious of your child’s computer ergonomics (Check out this post from Apple to learn how)
· Make sure your child takes frequent breaks from the screen
· Use the 20-20-20 Rule: Every 20 minutes, your child should look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds
· Set computer screens up 20-26 inches from your eyes and a little bit below eye level
· Avoid glare on screens from competing light sources (windows, desk lamps, bright overhead lights, etc.)
· Encourage your kids to spend time playing away from their devices
· Limit screen time: Kids shouldn’t spend more than 2 hours or so each day, combined, on screens
· Take your son or daughter for regular eye exams

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