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Neighboring States in the Education News

As Missourians battle for full funding for the Foundation Formula and participate in heated discussions about the Common Core State Standards and school transfers, education is landing headlines in surrounding states, as well. From the governor’s race in Arkansas to Kentucky’s newly approved budget increases, here’s what leading education news headlines just across the border:

Arkansas: Candidates for Governor Share Education Proposals
As Arkansas prepares for elections, candidates for governor are sharing their proposals for statewide improvements in education. Specific topics range from early childhood education and workforce readiness to Common Core State Standards and increased local control of schools. (source)

Illinois: Glitches in Teacher Licensing System Affect Teachers
A multi-million dollar software system intended to aid in teacher licensing in Illinois was shut down after security breaches left teachers’ personal information public. For many teachers, information in the system was also missing and/or incorrect. Glitches left others unable to renew their teaching licenses. (source)

Iowa: State Negotiates 6% Increase in Education Budget
The Iowa Senate has approved a bill that would increase public education funding by 6% in 2016. The bill, which awaits House approval, would benefit K-12 and state university students. (source)

Kentucky: State Education Budget To Increase By $189 Million
The Kentucky General Assembly approved increasing the state’s funding formula budget by $189 million over the next two years. Money will go towards teacher raises, technology, and textbooks. (source)

Nebraska: New Standards Require Students to Use Social Media
A new set of “digital citizenship” skills is being proposed in Nebraska as part of updated language arts standards. The new standards, which officials hope to have a final draft of by August of this year, also includes emphases on researching and writing for different purposes and on speaking and listening well. (source)

Oklahoma: 25,000 Gather to Support School Funding
Late March brought the largest advocacy effort for public schools that Oklahoma has seen in 24 years. An estimated 25,000 supporters gathered in Oklahoma City in a rally to fight against tax cuts and advocate for increased school support.

Tennessee: Free Community College In Sight?
Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has proposed a plan that would make all costs for two-year community college programs free for Tennessee students. The governor’s proposal will help raise the rate of college graduates in the state of Tennessee. Currently 32% of Tennesseans hold some sort of college degree. Gov. Haslam’s goal is to raise that rate to 55% by 2025. (source)

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