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Missouri’s Public School Bus Fleets Benefit from Doe Run, Co. Settlement

As part of a 2010 agreement with the EPA, Lead producer, the Doe Run Co., will give $500,000 to help Missouri’s school districts decrease the carbon footprint of their bus fleets and improve environmental practices in school science labs.

The Doe Run Co. began making grants available to Jefferson County schools on a first-come, first-served basis in February of this year. The Hillsboro, Jefferson R-VII, Dunklin, Windsor, De Soto, Grandview and Festus school districts were selected to receive grant funding. Any remaining funds were schedule to be made available to schools in Dent, Iron, Washington, Scott and Reynolds Counties on August 1,2013.

There are $300,000 in grants available for retrofitting diesel-powered bus engines to reduce emissions. Doe Run, Co. will also contribute $200,000 to help schools remove hazardous waste or old chemicals from science labs, photo and art studios, and dark rooms.

According to the Doe Run, Co., “After receiving the Doe Run grant, each school district will contract independently with their maintenance providers or vendors to complete the work on each engine. Upgrades are aimed at reducing school bus emissions of nitrogen oxide, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds by up to 90 percent. School districts will be required to share data reporting reductions and progress with Doe Run.”

In total, Doe Run, Co. will contribute $3.5 million to fund Missouri school districts and another $2 million to community-based projects, some of which include Missouri public school projects as part of the same 2010 agreement with the EPA.

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