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Name: Missouri School Leaders: the Online Hub of the Missouri School Administrators Coalition

About: Missouri School Leaders is provided by and paid for by the Missouri School Administrators Coalition (MSCA), which is the umbrella organization for two autonomous statewide professional associations of public school administrators: The Missouri Association of School Administrators (MASA) and the Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals (MAESP)

The organization is committed to building a broad coalition of parents, students, teachers, board members, business owners, and individuals that are committed to bettering the public schools in the state of Missouri.(Source)

Missouri School Leaders helps raise money for Better Schools for Missouri (formerly MSAPAC), which aims to elect officials in Missouri that “share the value of quality public education.” (Source)

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Member Organizations:
Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals
Missouri State High School Athletics Association (MSHSAA)
Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP)
Missouri Association of Rural Education (MARE)
Missouri K-8 Schools Association (MO-K8)
Missouri Association of School Business Officials (MoASBO)
Missouri Association of School Administrators (MASA)
Missouri United School Insurance Council (MUSIC)
Missouri Council of Administrators of Special Education (MO-CASE)

Employees: For a full list of staff, click here.


Social Media Sites:
Missouri School Leaders on Twitter

Legislation & Advocacy:
Missouri School Leaders Issues

This post is part of a running series called “Missouri Education Advocates,” which is designed to highlight the professional education organizations in Missouri that work on public education legislation and advocacy. These short and sweet features highlight basic information about some of Missouri’s leading education organizations.

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