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Missouri Education Advocates: The Missouri National Education Association (MNEA)


Name: The Missouri National Education Association (MNEA)

About: MNEA is a professional membership organization serving 35,000 Missouri teachers, librarians, counselors, coaches, school psychologists and psychiatrists, administrators, and college and university faculty. Any school employee, including bus drivers, cooks, nurses, and secretaries, can join MNEA.

MNEA advocates for “public schools, public school students and public school employees,” and offers a variety of services including legal programs, special events, public relations campaigns, professional development, legislative work, and more.

MNEA is affiliated with the National Education Association (NEA). The mission of MNEA is “to serve as the united voice to promote, advance and protect public education and to advocate for the rights and interests of students and our members.” (Source)

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President: Charles Smith


Social Media Sites:
MNEA on Facebook
MNEA on Flickr
MNEA on Twitter
MNEA on YouTube

Legislation & Advocacy:
MNEA’s Platform & Priorities
MNEA’s State Legislative Updates
The Education Advocate (EA) Daily News
MNEA Legislative Action Center
Contact Your State or National Legislator Page
Political Action Program

This post is part of a running series called “Missouri Education Advocates,” which is designed to highlight the professional education organizations in Missouri that work on public education legislation and advocacy. These short and sweet features highlight basic information about some of Missouri’s leading education organizations.

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