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Lottery Makes $29.2 Million Contribution to Missouri Public Schools

The Missouri Lottery made a very large contribution to Missouri public education on Friday, January 10th. A total of $29.2 million was transferred to our schools — the third largest monthly transfer in the Lottery’s 28-year history.

What lead to the massive contribution? The Lottery saw great sales in December for the $648 million jackpot, and it set a weekly Scratchers ticket record that month as well.

The largest-ever transfer of Lottery money to Missouri public schools was $30.4 million in April 2012. The second-largest was a $30.3 million transfer which took place in June 2013.

Approximately 25% of the Lottery’s sales go toward Missouri public schools. That amounts to around 24.8 cents per dollar spent on lottery tickets. Overall, the Lottery’s contributions account for around 4% of Missouri’s public elementary, secondary, and higher education funding.

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