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Investigating Autumn with Your Students Part II

Today is Part II of a two-part blog post featuring five fun and easy science projects you can do at home with your kids this fall.

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4. Dew Into Frost
Each fall in Missouri, a day comes when the morning dew turns to morning frost. Each morning this fall, look up the outside temperature with your son or daughter. Speculate whether the grass will have dew or frost, and then look outside!

Questions for Kids: Based on the temperature outside, so you think the grass will have dew or frost on it? Why do you think that? If the grass has frost on it, do you think we’ll need to wear jackets to school? What about if there was snow? What causes the dew to change to frost?

This project from is an easy at-home experiment that teaches kids why frost forms.

5. Fall Decomposition
Choose three fall foods (corn, pumpkin, squash, apples) and place them in your backyard. Make a hypothesis about which food will decompose first, and about how long it will take each food to decompose completely. Observe the foods each day, documenting their decomposition in a science journal or with a camera.

For Bonus Points: Include a fourth food item that’s man-made (a granola bar, a fast food hamburger a pre-packaged cake or other treat) and compare the rate of its decomposition with the rate of decomposition of the corn, pumpkin, etc. Which decomposes first? Why do you think that is? Talk about how the ingredients in man-made foods might slow down decomposition compared to foods that are entirely natural.

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