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I’ll Never Need to Understand Computer Code…Right?

Today we’re going to highlight a few career paths that your student may not realize use computer science.

According to Computing in the Core, “over 70 percent of computing occupations are outside of the information technology industry: 9 percent are in information services, 12 percent are in financial services, 36 percent are in professional and business services, 7 percent are in government and public education services, and 12 percent are in manufacturing.” (source)

Read on to learn how the critical thinking and computational skills taught in computer science classes might help your child forge ahead in a seemingly unrelated career field.

The Arts
Musicians, videographers, photographers, and other artists need to learn computing and basic programming skills for editing, special effects, and digital composition.

Financial Services
Security of information and automation of trading services are vital in financial services.

Healthcare & Research Science
Researchers use computing technologies to process huge quantities of information in areas like DNA sequencing. Other healthcare professionals use computing for patient care, or to ensure security and privacy of patient information and records.

Information Technology
IT professionals design software, hardware, applications, networks, or devices.

From designing new and better products to managing warehouses or shipment facilities, computer science is integrated into the manufacturing process from ideation through product delivery.

Retail & Marketing
Retail and marketing professionals use software to track and analyze purchasing trends and for inventory management.

The United States' military relies on significant technologicalcapabilities to provide it with an advantage on the battlefield. Communications, planning, intelligence, and other fields all require members of the organization to be fluent in computer usage and basic computer science skills.

Mapping, Global Information Systems (GIS) & Weather Forecasting
All of these geography-related career fields use computer science. Mapping and GIS often approach interdisciplinary problems using computer science, and weather forecasters rely heavily on technology to help them collect and interpret weather trend information for accurate forecasting.

How has computer science influenced your own career? Are there fields that you think Missouri’s students would be surprised to learn involve computer coding or other technical computing skills? Share your insights — leave a comment today.

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