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Having Fun at the Intersection of Science & the Arts Part I

Is your child interested in creative classes like art and music, but science just isn’t as interesting to him or her?

This two-part post will highlight some of the overlaps in science and the Arts while offering suggestions for hands-on activities you and your child can do together at home. Each of these activities is designed to explore science through from a creative or artistic lens.

Color Drops

Color and texture are two of the fundamental elements of art. This project, which uses basic household supplies like water, food coloring, coffee filters, cups and eyedroppers, is an easy way to introduce your son or daughter to art and science at the same time. Learn more about Color Drops here.

The Ice Tray Experiment
Practice mixing colors with The Ice Tray Experiment from PBS.

The Ice Tray Experiment is a great tool for helping your child understand how dark and light colors are a result of the reflection of light.

The Color-Changing Milk Experiment
Like The Ice Tray Experiment, this project can be done at home using supplies that you probably already have in your kitchen. The Color-Changing Milk Experiment provides teaching opportunities around color and chemistry, making it a great project for older elementary school students.

Come back to the Missouri Parent Blog for five more experiments at the intersection of science and the Arts.

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