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Going to School Every Day Matters



Did you know that missing just two days of school each month could cause your child to fall behind? It’s true. Developing good attendance habits early a child’s academic years helps children succeed in school and eventually in the workplace. That’s why attendance awareness is celebrated all month long, nationwide, every September and every day of the school year.

It’s Never Too Early
It’s never too early to begin practicing good attendance: studies show that children who miss too many days of kindergarten and first grade can struggle in school—and with reading—later on.

You can help your child succeed by ensuring that her or she is present in the classroom as often as possible as early as possible.

Excused or Unexcused: Absent is Still Absent
Absences—regardless of whether they are excused absences or unexcused ones—affect learning. And it’s not just consecutive absences that matter: sporadic absences add up. Missing just one or two days each month can mean missing nearly 10 percent of the school year!

Help your child avoid excused absences by scheduling doctor’s, dentist’s and other appointments after school hours or on days when your child is off school.

Learn how attendance impacts the MSIP5 ratings of your school here.Good Attendance is Everyone’s Responsibility
Even if your own child rarely misses a day of school, he or she could suffer academically if other students in his or her classroom are regularly absent. Chronic absenteeism slows down instruction for the whole classroom because teachers are forced to repeat material.

Ask your child’s principal what the school’s attendance rates are. Even if your child attends regularly, it’s important to know how many students in your child’s school are missing 10 percent or more of the school year.

It’s Okay to Ask for Help
If your family is struggling with attendance problems, it’s okay to ask for help from your child’s school or from your community. Access to health care, unstable housing, poor transportation, and lack of food are very real problems facing thousands of Missouri families. Many schools offer assistance, and there are countless community agencies that exist to help your family overcome challenges.

To learn more about the importance of attendance and how you can help your child (or students in your classroom) miss fewer days of school, visit the Attendance Awareness Month website.

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