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Four Big Wins for Public Schools in Missouri in 2014



Thank you for helping us achieve some big successes this year on behalf of our state’s students. Here are four big wins for public schools in Missouri in 2014:

We Fought For — and Won Back — Missouri A+ Schools Funding
Funding for the Missouri A+ Schools Program was threatened this year. We shared information with you on what the A+ Program is and why it matters to our high school students. And when funding issues faced A+ we explained those, too.

Thanks to you, the Missouri A+ Program has had most of its at-risk budget restored. You stood up for Missouri’s high school and college A+ scholarship students, affecting the education of more than 12,000 students. Thank you!

We Defeated Amendment 3 (#MoNoOn3)
Constitutional Amendment 3, which appeared on the November 4th General Election ballot, would have been detrimental to Missouri’s public schools. We shared what teachers had to say about Amendment 3, how Missouri’s educational associations felt about the amendment, and the many ways the amendment would have been bad for our kids.

Thank you for going to the polls to defeat Amendment 3. At Missouri Parent, we advocate hard for the policies we believe are best for our students. Without voters like you — voters who go to the polls to make change happen — we wouldn’t have seen such remarkable success in 2014. Together, we stood strong: #MoNoOn3.

Win Four Seats in the Missouri Legislature for Representatives Who Stood Strong Against Rex Sinquefield
In August, four representatives who stood strong against Amendment 3 were up for re-election to the Missouri House. Those representatives were Paul Fitzwater (R - Potosi), Nate Walker (R - Kirksville), Jeff Messenger (R – Republic), and Lyle Rowland (R – Cedarcreek).

The Missouri Club for Growth, a lobbying group funded in part by Rex Sinquefield, invested more than $600,000 in Fitzwater, Walker, Messenger, and Rowland’s opponents. (Source)

Missouri’s voters did not let big dollar campaigns fool them, though: these four champions for public education won re-election to the Missouri House. Thank you for electing lawmakers who support public education.

Secured the Highest Level of State Funding for K-12 Education in Missouri’s History
While Missouri’s Foundation Formula remains painfully underfunded, Missouri did see higher levels of funding this year than ever before in public education. House Speaker Tim Jones says in this end-of-session press conference that funding for Missouri schools reached an all-time high:

“We made sure that we provided historic levels of funding for K-12 education,” Speaker Jones said, “and also funded higher education at higher levels this year.” (Source)

Thank you for your continued advocacy for public school in 2014. Parents, students, supporters and readers came together in 2014 to have a strong positive influence on students across the state. These four wins for public schools would never have been possible without you. Thank you!

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