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Enrollment in Missouri Public Schools: Additional Documentation Parents May Need

Today is part four in a five-part series on public school enrollment in Missouri. Yesterday  we outlined the basic expectations your child’s public school will have for academic and behavioral records.

Today, we’ll talk about the “odds & ends” of public school enrollment; the paperwork and documentation that might vary from school to school, district to district, and grade level to grade level.

Be sure to come back tomorrow as we wrap up our five-part series with our “What to Expect During the Enrollment Process” post.

Other Paperwork
Over the last three days, we’ve explained the general expectations your child’s Missouri public school has for documentation around your child’s identity , medical records, academics , and behavior . We also offered a few tips on identifying which public school your child should enroll in.

Your school may also ask you to complete additional documentation including technology agreements (allowing your child to use school computers, Internet, etc.), language questionnaires (to learn more about your child’s proficiencies in languages other than English), and questions preschool questionnaires.

These questionnaires aren’t a test; they’re another way for your child’s school to ensure that they’re providing your child with the best education they can.

Tomorrow on the MOParent Blog: What to Expect During the Enrollment Process
Come back tomorrow to learn more about the process of enrollment in Missouri public schools.

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