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Celebrate Benjamin Franklin’s Birthday, January 17th With These 5 Free Resources

January 17th is the birth date of inventor, Founding Father, and scientist Benjamin Franklin. You can celebrate his birthday weekend by picking an activity or two to do at home with your elementary school-aged kids. No matter what grade they’re in or what their favorite subject is in school, one of the activities here should be fun for the two of you to do together:

Free Digital Book
If your child likes to read, this digital book is a free, fun way to learn more about Ben Franklin’s life. “Time Traveler’s Adventure: The Benjamin Franklin Project” gives a child-friendly overview of Franklin’s electrical experiments, his work as a printer and business owner, and his role in the creation of the Declaration of Independence.

PBS Interactive Learning Tool
This interactive tool from PBS guides kids through Franklin’s revolutionary electrical experiments and discoveries. It will only take a few minutes to read and watch the entire site, so this one’s perfect if you only have a few minutes to spare.

Free 40+ Page Workbook
Download & Print this Workbook, which is filled with dozens of activities for elementary school-aged students. It covers social studies, language arts, math and science, and it’s all about Ben Franklin.

Ben’s Guide to Government for Kids
The U.S. Government Printing Office has a special website called Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids. You and your kids can learn about Franklin’s life as a printer, a librarian, an inventor or a statesman, and you can view a timeline of Franklin’s life.

Symbols of the U.S. Government: Ben’s Activity Book
The Government Printing Office also has a free 46-page workbook (downloadable as a PDF) for kids that teaches them about the American Flag, the bald eagle, the Supreme Court, monuments in Washington, D.C., and other symbols of the United States. Activities range from coloring sheets to crossword puzzles; reading materials to patriotic arts & crafts projects.

Top image source: Wikipedia

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