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Would You Like to Be More Involved in Your Student’s School? Here’s How!

Did you know that your involvement in your child’s education is one of the biggest influencers of his or her academic success?

“When parents are involved in school, students of all backgrounds and income levels do better. When their parents are involved, kids are more likely to earn higher grades and score better on standardized tests; they attend school more regularly, have improved social skills, and are better behaved in school; and they are more likely to continue their education past high school.” - “A New Wave of Evidence: The Impact of School, Family, and Community Connections on Student Achievement” by Anne T. Henderson and Karen Mapp

There are many ways that you can get involved in your child’s education, including volunteering, getting to know your child’s teacher(s), leveraging your own career or professional experiences, and making sure that you’re covering the basics.

Back to Basics:
- Attend school open house events;
- Attend parent-teacher conferences;
- Know the names of your child’s teacher(s) and principal(s);
- Join the PTA or PTO;
- Attend your child’s performances, games, or other events;
- If your child has friends whose parents can’t be at events, offer to help those families with rides to and from practice, events, and other activities;
- Meet your child’s friends and their parents;
- Read to or with your child;
- Establish routines for studying and homework; or
- Ask your child how school went every day!

Ways to Volunteer:
- Volunteer in the classroom;
- Read to kids in the school library;
- Help out in the lunchroom;
- Volunteer in the school office;
- Sit on school committees;
- Help with school fundraisers;
- Tutor students;
- Chaperone field trips, dances, or events;
- Lead a PTA or PTO committee; or
- Help out in the school computer lab.

Offer Your Experiences or Special Skills
- Speak to a classroom of students about what your career is like and what kind of education or training you needed for your field;
- Help build sets or sew costumes for school programs or theater productions; or
- Use foreign language skills by volunteering as a translator or cultural liaison between your child’s school and parents whose first language isn’t English.

Reach Out to Your Child’s Teacher(s)
- Proactively introduce yourself to your child’s teacher(s);
- If your child’s classroom has a website, read it regularly, and interact (comment, etc.) if that’s allowed; and
- Find out from the teacher if there are any classroom supplies that he or she could use, and work with other parents to help acquire them. (Remember that many teachers pay for classroom supplies and decorations out of pocket.)

What have you done to stay involved in your child’s education? We’d love to hear your experiences, advice, or suggestions to other parents! Leave a comment, below.

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