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BAM! The CDC Connects with Kids through Games, Cartoons, and Activities Online

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the country’s health protection agency, providing information and resources to help protect citizens from health and safety threats. But did you know that the CDC hosts an entire website that’s devoted entirely to the health of our nation’s young people?

The BAM! Body and Mind website includes videos, games, and other content designed specifically for kids. Content is organized under six categories: Diseases, Food & Nutrition, Physical Activity, Your Safety, Your Life, and Your Body.

The site offers a range of research-supported information presented in kid-friendly formats. A few examples include:

Cartoons Like “The Immune Platoon” and “The Ad Decoder
Games Like “Dining Decisions
Activity Cards for Sports & Activities and Activity Safety

Of course, the CDC offers information on youth health & safety that’s designed to be used by adult readers, too. You can find the CDC’s Adolescent and School Health pages here.

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