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An Extended School Year for Missouri’s Students?


Of the twelve identified key issues discussed during the Missouri House Interim Committee on Education’s October 2013 public hearings, some are receiving more public attention than others. Among them is what the Committee called “School calendar and extended learning”.

In short, the feedback that the Committee gathered during the public hearings that
· Summer holidays result in too many weeks of the fall term being spent “making up lost ground”.
· The students who are already suffering the biggest learning gaps suffer even more from that “lost ground” each fall.

At the end of the hearings, the Committee released a formal report, in which it recommended that Missouri’s schools implement a longer school calendar.

This isn’t the first time that extending Missouri’s school calendar has come up in legislative discussions. It’s been on the table since the 1980s, and has received bi-partisan support throughout the years.

As the 2nd Regular Session of the 97th General Assembly continues, we’ll keep you informed about legislative updates that could affect the length of the public school year in Missouri.

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