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A Homework App To Keep Your Student Organized

Gone are the days when keeping track of schoolwork meant carrying a separate notebook or day planner. If your son or daughter has a smartphone, iPad, or other mobile device, the myHomework App could be a helpful way to help him or her keep schoolwork organized.

The myHomework App tracks homework, tests and projects, and sends reminders to let students know when upcoming assignments, projects and tests are due. Students can also use the app to track their schedules (time, block, and period based schedules are all supported).

As with most apps, myHomework syncs between devices. For example, if your child uses a smart phone, a tablet, and a desktop computer, he or she can add information to any of those devices and then sync it between them seamlessly so that details on all devices are kept up to date.

If that weren’t handy enough, myHomework also integrates seamlessly with an app for teachers called helps teachers manage their syllabi, digital classroom resources, and classroom assignments. Park Hill South High School in Kansas City, Missouri, is one of many schools across the country using it.

Students using myHomework can “join” a teacher’s class, allowing the student to have instant access to the classroom syllabus, resources, and assignments directly from his or her mobile device. If students don’t use myHomework, they can still log in to their teacher’s classroom from any web-friendly device using the mobile-friendly website.

Students and teachers can find myHomework and in the Apple App Store, on Google Play or in the Windows Store. Both apps are available for Kindle, Windows 8, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Technology is innovating our classrooms, and it’s changing the way our students learn, organize, and manage their schoolwork and their lives. If you’ve discovered great apps for your students, leave a comment for us. We’d love to share your recommendation with other parents across the state.

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