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A Documentary You Should Know: TEACH

As Missouri Parent seeks to build relationships and understanding between students, parents and public education in our state, a new documentary uses this line of thought to shine a light on the profession of teaching.

Academy Award winning director Davis Guggenheim uses his documentary TEACH to ask the question, “What does it take to be a teacher?” and to show people around the country what great teaching looks like.

His hope? That the film inspires “to realize that teaching is a tough, demanding, deeply meaningful job where the stakes are high, and the rewards infinitely rich.” (source)

The film follows four classroom teachers inside four public school classrooms for one school year. The teachers are: Matt Johnson, a 4th grade teacher in Denver; Shelby Harris, a 7th grade math teacher in Idaho; Joel Laguna, a 10th grade AP world history teacher in Los Angeles; and Lindsay Chinn, a 9th grade algebra teacher in Denver.

Each teacher teaches a different subject area and in a different location, but all share the grit and resolve it takes to make a difference to their students.

You can learn much more about the film and its mission at

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