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3 Great Sites for Web-Based English Language Arts Instruction

Computer-based learning tools have come a long way since the Carmen Sandiego and Oregon Trail games of the 80s and early 90s. Today, students and teachers have access to highly developed online tools — some of them completely free — for everything from arithmetic practice to customized grammar lessons.

Here are just of few of those highly innovative tools that can be used by students and teachers to supplement classroom English language arts instruction:
This free, web-based learning platform helps kids improve grammar and writing skills by customizing lessons to each student’s individual interests. Kids tell what they’re interested in (hobbies, for example), and it generates unlimited grammar practice around those subjects.

The site also adapts instruction to questions that students get right and wrong. Teachers can give online quizzes and assignments through the site, and a progress-tracking feature helps them to monitor their students’ improvement over time.

Just for fun: has a language bloopers page. Visit it with your your son or daughter and see how many of these real-life errors you can identify.

SAS Curriculum Pathways
SAS Curriculum Pathways is another free online tool for students and teachers. Although the user interface is a little clunkier than, the site offers a tremendous variety of English language arts instructional tools.

SAS Curriculum Pathways is flexible, offering apps, audio tutorials, and web lessons.
Subject areas include reading strategies, a variety of literature, punctuation, grammar, and even a writing tutorial program, and its services include online instruction and quizzes. offers free, personalized vocabulary solutions. Its predictive technology sends new vocabulary words to your son or daughter based on what words it thinks your son or daughter might not yet know.

Students can also choose from specific vocabulary lists that range from SAT word lists to current events-based lists like, “President Obama’s Speech at the United Nations”. Some, like “Martin Scorsese on Cinema,” are even pop culture-centered. is more functional than it is cool, but its fun factor is stronger thanks to leaderboards that track high scores for individual uses and for entire schools.

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