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  • Taxpayers Spend $124 Million on Failing & Low Performing Charter Schools

    As the discussion of HB 634 has unfolded, we have heard from charter school proponents just how great charter schools perform compared to traditional public schools. They also tell us that the low performing charter schools close. We know from the recent news regarding Confluence Academy, this last argument just isn't true. The Confluence charter school network educates nearly 3,000 students in the St.

  • Charter Schools: Taxpayers Lose $620 Million on Failure

    Too often in the minds of many policymakers, "charter" equals "better". After digging into the data, we aren't quite sure that's the case... 

  • Charter Schools: Taxation Without Representation?

    Did you know that if HB 634 passes, your local school board will have no say whether a charter school can open within your community? Charter schools are governed by a private entity and district tax dollars...

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